La Petite Mort, MoTHA

Metaprogramming of The Human Algorithm

NEW; In development, October 2019

La Petite Mort. It is an artwork based on the technique of Augmented Reality and is used via a smartphone App under the name of MoTHA (Metaprogramming of The Human Algorithm – the new series of MooN). With these App life sized drawings, which are seen as still sequences coming to life, the drawings can also be interacted with by the users. The processes here represent a kind of brief loss of consciousness, which according to the artist describes the stage of „post orgasm”, or „transcendental state“. In both projects, the artist involves for her creation some type of meditation techniques linked to the practice of inner alchemy.

The viewer is integrated in this world existing in-between the artwork and his or her perception and feelings. Her studies for the artworks that belong in these series are based on the perception of the human species as an optimized algorithm, pointing out the kind of optimization that emerges during the process of the artistic creation. Those thoughts that are inspired by so-called evolutionary algorithms, or genetic algorithms, include the process of the “survival of the fittest” in the aspect of matches between human spirit and its genetic-based physical conditions. Furthermore, since the main aim in MooN’s work is to bring the humanity and the artistic creation process to its highest level, she is also optimizing while she is selecting, creating, modifying and correcting analogue and digital drawings to create an AR – extension.



logograms of our ancestors My interest in sound research came from the notion of energy phenomenon as my life obsession. Energy is a frequency and vibration of the Universe. Energy is a phenomenon of Constant and it represents everything – it is everything. The universal communication field and meta-language are fields of my relatively latest interest. The fact that the sound was the first blueprint of the World, it could be considered the primary language expression. By using a semantic and meditative approach, I make visual soundscape compositions “sound galaxies” as the reflection of emotions and mind on surroundings including noise and lo-fi soundscapes. It is a research of Universal sound and its visualization. Digital tools help in this process to dive deep into the meaning of the analogue shape of universal sound. Shapes could be defined as logograms of our ancestors, such as for example logograms designed for “Arrival”, a science fiction film (2016) directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Eric Heisserer. Sound is not communication by itself but it has to have feedback to become communication. Sound communication can be seen as telepathic or mind communication, or emotionally responsive communication where no words are needed. Artworks represent a possible look into deeper layers of our inner universe. The meaning of these shapes is very individual, and it is hard to resolve in a metaphorical or symbolic meaning for now. From that point, I see it as a potential opportunity for the audience to experience meditative fundamental imaginative feedback, so called “a clear pulse”. The role of the 6th SENSE is to give a different possibility of communication between us humans, to open people’s eyes. Who knows maybe we could better communicate with aliens, thought. 6th SENSE is an audio-visual interactive collage combined with Augmented Reality mobile application and handmade analogue drawing-collages. The art project 6th SENSE gives a unique artistic experience where every user has the opportunity to experience not only mixed visuals in real time, but also interact or manipulate with sounds in real time. The whole project passes through many layers of creation and research, while still being involving. The project 6th SENSE consists of 10 artworks divided into three (3) series: gold silver and black-gold analogue drawing-collages. Every series has different animated visual patterns and different possibilities of audio transformation. An animated coded visual gives an impression of entity or energy from the real-world object – the analogue artwork. With this project I test out modern communication space and in doing so provoke you to dive deeper into our own sense of togetherness and find a blissful serenity of universal unity. The Art project 6th SENSE, conceptually and technically is a first art project of that kind in Croatia. MOON 2018.



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